Department of Physics

Dr. Jesly Jacob
Dept. of Physics
Designation Assistant Professor
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Institutional email ID
ORCID or other 0000-0002-7459-2841
Area of specialisation Theoretical and Computational Physics, Plasmonics
Date of joining the college 23 September 2014
Academic qualification
  • Doctor of Philosophy in Physics from Bharathiar University, Coimbatore, India (2008-2013) for thesis entitled”Modelling of Surface Plasmon Polaritons and Localized Surface Plasmons for Nanoscale Applications”.
  •   Master of Physics from Mahatma Gandhi University, Kottayam, India (2004-2006)
  •  Bachelor of Physics from Mahatma Gandhi  University, Kottayam, India (2001– 2004)
Work Experience
  • AssistantProfessor,St.JosephCollegeforWomen,Alapuzha,Kerala,August2014- September 2014
  • AssistantProfessor (on contract), Devamatha College; Kuravilangad, Kerala, July 2013- May 2014
  • AssistantProfessor (on contract),  St. George College; Aruvithura, Kerala, January 2013- June 2013
  • AssistantProfessor (on contract),St.ThomasCollege,Pala,Kerala,August2010-March2010
  • AssistantProfessor (on contract), Devamatha College; Kuravilangad, Kerala, July 2008 - December2010
  • ResearchFellow,St.ThomasCollege,Pala,Kerala,February2010-January 2013
Current or previous Positions/Responsibilities (outside the college)
  • Additional and Chief Examiner for UG/ PG Examinations of Autonomous Colleges
  • Member, Jesus Youth Kerala Women leaders Network Team  - coordinating the activities for building up the contemporary women leadership in Kerala since 2017
  • Member, Jesus Youth National Professional Network Team  - coordinating the activities of Jesus Youth professionals which is active in the several states of India. (2014-2017)
  • Member, Jesus Youth Service Team, Pala - coordinating the activities of Jesus Youth in the Pala Zone (2013-2015)
  • Member, JesusYouthAllKerala Team - coordinating the activities of Jesus Youth in in the state of Kerala(2011-2013)
  • Member, JesusYouthAllKerala CampusTeam - coordinating the activities of Jesus Youth in campuses in the state of Kerala(2009-2010)
  • Volunteer, National Service Scheme (2001-2003) - The responsibility of organizing and coordinating the activities of NSS in the College level.
Current Positions/Responsibilities (in the college)
  • Coordinator, Research Assessment Committee
  • Executive Editor, JET- Journal of Theoretical and Experimental Research
  • Mentoring Coordinator
  • Internal Exam Cell Member
  • Member, Research Advisory Committee, Physics Research Centre
  • Member, Board of Studies, Physics
Awards and Achievements
  • Best Research Paper in Online National Conference on Recent Trends in Engineering and Technology (RTET’20) in 2020.
  • Selected as FLAIR (Fostering Linkages in Academic Innovation and Research), Govt. Of Kerala, member in 2016.
  • Selected for participating and presenting a paper with full financial funding by UNESCO, in Winter College on Optics: Advances in Nano- Optics and Plasmonics, at ICTP Trieste, Italy, 2012.
  • Project Fellowunder DST sponsored research project (No. SR/S2/CMP - 0012/2009) in February 2010.
Projects - Completed projects

KSCSTE Student Project titled " Design of Trimer Nanocylinders for Sensing Applications" (No. 00857/SPS 65/ 2021/KSCSTE).

Courses attended (Orientation, Refresher, FDP, etc.)
  • Inter-disciplinary Online Two-Week Refresher Course/ Faculty Development Programme on “Managing Online Classes & Co-creating MOOCs 7.0”, Teaching Learning Centre, Ramanujan College, University of Delhi, 5 August -19 August 2021
  • Refresher Course in Material Science, UGC Human Resource Centre, Kerala University, 30 October - 21 November 2018
  • Orientation Programme, UGC Human Resource Development Centre, Pondicherry University, 1 March -31 March 2018
  • Short term training programme on “Course Design” by IIITB and Kerala Govt, IIITB Banglore, 27 February- 3 March 2017
  • Science Academies Refresher Course in Condensed Matter and Statistical Physics jointly organized by Indian Academy of Sciences, Banglore, Indian National Sciences Academy, New Delhi, National Academy of Sciences, Allahabad, India, 2011.
Resource person for seminars and workshops/Invited Lectures
  • One day workshop on “Computational Physics” at Sree Sankara College, Kalady on 2nd January 2014.
  • “Introduction to Plasmonics”, Women in Physics Webinar Series at PG Department of Physics, Aquinas College, Edacochin on 16 March 2021.
Paper presentation in Seminars
  • A Deformation based Concave Square Ring-Square Disc (SR-SD) silver structure for pressure sensing, ICMPMA-2022, 9-13 May 2022, Fatima Mata National College, Kollam - 691001, India
  • Theoretical modelling of Au and Ag hollow cylinders for high resolution refractive index sensing of bio-analytes and gases, ICMPMA-2022, 9-13 May 2022, Fatima Mata National College, Kollam - 691001, India
  • Design and Modelling of Nano-channel Based Plasmonic Sensor for Refractive index and Pressure Sensing in Mid - IR Range, 6th International Conference on Recent Advances in Material Chemistry, ICRAMC-2022 ,17-19 February 2022, SRMIST
  • LSPR Biosensor for the Detection of Breast Cancer Cells, 6th International Conference on Recent Advances in Material Chemistry, ICRAMC-2022 ,17-19 February 2022, SRMIST
  • LSPR based Plasmonic Multi-sensor for Quantitative Analysis of Ionic Liquids- water binary mixtures, World Nano Congress on Advanced Science and Technology (WNCST-2021), 8-13 March 2021, Centre for Nanotechnology Research, Vellore Institute of Technology

  • Plasmonic Study of Dimer Ag nanocylinder structure for sensor application, Emerging frontiers in chemical science - EFSC 2020, 04-05 December 2020, Farook College, Kozhikode
  • Nanodot decorated surface plasmon resonance cavity structure with enhanced RI sensing performance, Emerging frontiers in chemical science - EFSC 2020, 04-05 December 2020, Farook College, Kozhikode
  • A Novel surface plasmon resonance based ultrabroad refractive index sensor for cancer detection, International e-conference on advanced materials for biomedical applications 02-04 December 2020, Bharath Matha College, Aluva
  • Tunable plasmonic refractive index sensor with square cavity for cancer detection, International conference on advances in material science and chemistry ICAMSC 2020, 10-12 August 2020. Amrutha school of arts and sciences, Amrutha Vishwa Vidyapeetham, Kollam
  • Sensitivity study of silver shell nanocylinders arranged in dimer structure, Online national conference on recent trends in engineering and technology-RTET’20, 20-21 June 2020, Malabar Institute of technology, Kannur
  • Quantum dot enhanced plasmonic resonance in trimer nano shell cylinders, International conference on photochemical and sustainable energy-ICPSC 2019, 16-19 October 2019
  • Effect of elliptical nanocylinder trimer on near field  optical properties, UGC Sponsored National Seminar on Nanoscience and Technology, Devamatha College, Kuruvilangad, Kerala, 2015.
  • Modeling of localized surface plasmon based sensors using finite element, International Conference on Advances in Micro/Nanotechnologies for Biological Applications (ICAMB-2015), PSG Institute of Advanced Studies, Coimbatore
  • Sensor applications of trimer nanoshell  cylinder  array, International Conference on Optics and Optoelectronics (ICOL-2014), XXCVII Symposium  of  Optical  Society of India, IRDE, Dehradun, India,2014.
  • Sensor applications of localized surface plasmons associated with metallic nanoshell cylinders having triangular geometry, NationalSeminaronNanoscienceandEngineering, Maharaja’s College,Ernakulam,Kerala,India,2013.
  • Modelling of near field effects for nanowaveguide applications, WinterCollegeonOptics:AdvancesinNano- OpticsandPlasmonics,ICTPTrieste,Italy,2012.
  • Optical properties of triangular system of silver nanoshell cylinders, National Seminar on Materials for Electromagneticapplications,ChristCollege,Irinjalakuda,Kerala,India, 2011.
  • Surface plasmon propagation in assymmetric metal strip waveguides with anisotropic substrates, FrontiersinOpticsandPhotonicsIITDelhi,2011.
  • Plasmon polariton modes of a metal stripe embedded in uniaxial dielectric materials, FrontiersinOpticsandPhotonicsIITDelhi,2011.
  • OpticalFieldcouplingandpropagationinAgnanocylinderarraysin anisotropic dielectric environment, NANO-2010,KSRCT,TamilNadu,2010.
  • Simulation of sub-wavelength confinement of optical energy by  surfaceplasmonpolaritonsinmetalnanostripewaveguides,International ConferenceonSynthesis,Characterization,Consolidation,andModellingof Nanomaterials (ICON-2010), PSU College of Technology, Coimbatore, India, 2010.
  • Plasmon polariton propagation in multilayered structures withphotonic crystals, National Workshop on Quantum Confined Systems andNanoscale Devices,St.Thomas College,Pala,2009.
  • Surface plasmon polaritons in nano-waveguides with semiconductor guiding layer, International Workshop on Electron Devices and Semiconductor Technology (IEDST), IIT Mumbai,2009.
  • Surfaceplasmonsupermodesinmetal/dielecticnanostructures, NationalSeminaronNanoscience&Technology(NSNST-2009),Fatima Mata College, Kollam,2009.
  • Long range propagation and MO effect in layered plasmonicstructures, NationalConferenceonNanophotonicMaterials(NCNM),SPIE CUSAT Student Chapter,IIT Madras SPIE Student Chapter &Department of Physics, CUSAT, Kochi,2008.
  • Enhanced Magneto-optic Effect in Semiconductor based Nano- Waveguides, InternationalConferenceonAdvancedMaterials(ICAM),M.G University, Kottayam2008.
  • Surface Plasmon Polaritons in Semiconductor Nanostructures, InternationalConferenceonAdvancedMaterialsandComposites(ICAMC), National Institute of Interdisciplinary Science &Technology, CSIR, Trivandrum 2007.
  • Propagation in long-range surface plasmon waveguides on anisotropic substrates, National Conference on Recent Trends in Optoelectronics and Laser Technology (NCOL), University of Kerala, Thiruvananthapuram, 2007.
  • Matrix shaped plasmonic hybrid nanostructure with direction-dependent functionality for multianalyte detection and biosensing, Journal of Physics D : Applied Physics, (2022), 55, 405403.
  • Dual channel plasmonic hybrid system as potential multi-analyte and multi-parameter sensor, Optics & Laser Technology, 149, (2022),
  • A tunable plasmonic refractive index sensor with ultra broad sensing range for cancer detection, Plasmonics, (2021)doi:10.1007/s11468-021-01418-5.
  • Theoretical Study of plasmonic properties of dimer nanocylinder using FDTD method, Journal of Experimental and Theoretical Research, 11, 22-27, ISSN:2394-3874, (2019).
  • Modeling of localized surface plasmon based sensors using finite element method, Journal of Experimental and Theoretical Research, 6, ISSN: 2394-3874, (2014).
  • Electromagnetic energy transport in a chain waveguide of silver nanoshell cylinder array, WavesinRandomandComplexMedia,23,3,218-225(2013)
  • Surface plasmon propagation in a metal strip waveguide with biaxial substrate, Optical and Quantum Electronics 45,3,(2013)
  • Surface plasmon near field effects in silver nano cylinders arranged in triangular geometry, JournalofComputationalandTheoreticalNanoscience,10,1-7 (2013).
  • Surface plasmon near field resonance characteristics of silver shell nano cylinders arranged in triangular geometry, AppliedOptics,50,6277(2011)
  • Magneto-optic phase shift in plasmon propagation along garnet/ semiconductor-on-insulatorstructures,SuperlatticesandMicrostructures,44, 203-207,(2008)
  • Propagation of surface plasmon polaritons in anisotropic  MIM  and IMI structures, SuperlatticesandMicrostructures,44,282-290,(2008)
  • Propagation in long-range surface plasmon waveguides with anisotropic substrate and cladding, STARS:Int.Journal(Sciences),ISSN: 0973-7804, (2007).

Conference proceedings 

  • Effect of elliptical nanocylinder trimer on near field  optical properties, Conference Proceedings of National Seminar on Nano Science and Technology, 11-12 December, 2015.

Book chapters

  • Optical Field coupling and propagation in Ag nano cylinder arrays in anisotropic dielectric environment, Nanostructured materials for electronics, energy and environmental applications: Macmillan advanced research series, 245-248, (2010), Macmillan Publishers India Limited, ISBN: 0230332005,9780230332003.
Seminars and workshops organized
  • Coordinator, Fr. Cheriyan Parampath Memorial All Kerala Intercollegiate General Quiz competition from 2015 to 2022.
  • Coordinator, Webinar on  Science Day Celebrations 2021 on the topic Integrated Approach in Science and Technology for a Sustainable Future, on 28 February 2022
  • Coordinator, Webinar on World Space Week Celebrations 2021 on the topic Indian Planetary Missions: New Insights and Perspectives, on 9 October 2021
  • Webinar on IPR: Copyrights and related rights on 29 April, 2021.
  • Convenor, One day workshop on Intellectual Property Rights: Challenges and opportunities at Assumption college on 6th March 2020.
  • Organizer, APT National Workshop 2 / Series 4 [Quantum Mechanics Series], at Assumption College on 10-11 June 2017
  • Coordinator of All Kerala Physics Talent Search Examination 2017-18, 2021-22.
  • Convener of Seminar on “ Young Educators Vision” organized by Xavier Board of Higher Education in India at Assumption College 2016
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