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Date of establishment: 1950

The Department of English started off with Common English Courses for undergraduates. The Department currently runs three Programmes - BA in English Language and Literature started in 1967, BA English Literature, Communication and Journalism (originally UGC sponsored, but currently self-financing) started in 1997, and MA English Language and Literature (self-financing) introduced in 2003. In addition to these regular Programmes, the Department runs Certificate Course in Fundamental Computer Skills and an Enrichment Module on Enhancing English Language Skills. Students are encouraged to enrol for courses offered under NTPEL and Swayam to earn additional certificates and to equip themselves with extra skills and knowledge.

  1. National Seminar on Narrating Indianness: Evolving Trends in Language and Literature (2020)
  2. Workshop on Theories of Gender: Reflections and Observations (2020)
  3. Seminar -History of English Literature’ (2019)
  4. Seminar- A Short History of English Literature: from Old English to Romantic Age (2017)
  5. Two-Day National Seminar on Humour and the Nation (2015)
  6. Five-day Intercollegiate Workshop on Sociolinguistics - Language and Society (2015)
  7. International Seminar - Youth Across Borders: Challenges and Aspirations (2015)
  1. International Webinar on Culture Counts: Communicating Effectively Across Cultures (2021)
  2. National Webinar on Introduction to Literary Hermeneutics (2021)
  3. Webinar on Hunger and Taste: Transforming Gustatory Preferences Amid the Pandemic (2020)
  4. National Webinar on The Writer as Visionary: Munshi Premchand’s Relevance Today (2020)
  1. Literature and Cultural Memory: The Politics of Remembering and Forgetting in Literary Narratives (2020)
  2. Career Opportunities in English Studies (2018)
  3. The Scope of Creative Writing (2016)
  1. Research Methodology (2021, 2020, 2019, 2018, 2017)
  2. Literary Theory: An Overview (2019)
  3. Feminism in the era (2018)
  4. The History of English Literature
  5. Language Skills(2018)
  6. Literary Theory and Criticism (2017)
  7. Subliminal Pictorial Signification in Comic Strips (2017)
  8. Gendered Identities (2016)

The English Association, the chief platform of student activity within the department, aims to develop their innate talents and leadership abilities. A large number of programmes, both curricular and extra- curricular, are organised every year to encourage students to take up responsibilities, gain confidence and work in teams. Some of the student initiatives include:

  • Annual Intercollegiate Literary and Cultural Festival
  • Inter, Intra department competitions, Manuscript magazine

Reading Club

Reading Club organises talks, competitions, book reviews for students

Theatre Club

  • Regular staging of plays:
  • A Doll’s House (2019, 2020)
  • Shakespeare Theatre Festival (2019)
  • The Tenth Man (2018, 2019)
  • Mother’s Day (2015)

Extension and Outreach 

Students are actively involved in College Extension Programme AESOP, apart from annual interactions with orphanages and homes for the aged and the destitute.


Initiated a Certificate Course on Soft Skills for Successful Career in October 2021.MoU  signed with Bishop Moore College, Mavelikkara and to be signed with 5 other colleges for the collaborative venture offered under Guru Angad Dev Teaching Learning Centre(MHRD).

Renowned Alumni  

1. Prof Clara A. B. Joseph
University of Calgary, Canada

2. Dr Meena T Pillai
Director, Centre for Cultural Studies
Kerala University

3. Rev Sr Geo Maria FCC
Assistant Provincial, Devamatha Province Changanasserry
(Former Principal, Assumption College; Member Syndicate, Mahatma Gandhi University,
Assistant General, Franciscan Clarist Congregation)

4. Ms Chithra K. Soman
Olympian Athlete and Arjuna Award Winner 

5. Ms Grace Lal
Family Counsellor, Consultant Counsellor and Resource Person- UK, Australia, New Zealand, UAE

Our Faculty

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Dr Judith Sebastian
Dr Judith Sebastian
Associate Professor
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Dr Theresa Thomas
Dr Theresa Thomas
Associate Professor & HoD
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Dr Minu Mary Mathew
Dr Minu Mary Mathew
Assistant Professor
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Ms Rosmi Lukose
Ms Rosmi Lukose
Assistant Professor
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Ms Amal P Mathews
Ms Amal P Mathews
Assistant Professor
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