Department of Commerce

Career Opportunities

Bachelor of Commerce:

  • Tax consultant
  • Stock broker
  • Auditor
  • Export-Import manager
  • Accountant
  • Finance Consultant
  • Banker
  • Insurance Consultant etc.

M Com Finance & Master of Commerce and Management:

The course provides ample job opportunities in private as well as corporate sectors. Below mentioned are some of the most recommended future choices for such candidates:

  • Candidates with the necessary business skills can prefer to do highly payable jobs on completion of the program in various employment areas such as Banks, Economic Consulting Jobs, Various Corporate Sectors, Educational Institutes, Indian Civil Services, Financial Sector, Commerce Sector, Marketing Companies etc as Financial Analyst, Stock Analyst, Marketing Manager, Sales Manager & Securities Analyst, Money Manager & Operations Manager, Recovery Agent & Risk Analyst etc
  • One can become an entrepreneur and develop his/her own businesses and companies.
  • One can also prepare for Chartered Accountancy or Certified Management Accountant courses.
  • One can opt for PhD Commerce.