About Alumni Association


The Alumni Association of Assumption College is a vibrant body which gives an excellent opportunity to old students and the College to be in contact with each other. The objective of the Association is to keep track of old students and provide them with  a forum wherein they can share experiences of their professional and personal lives.  Assumption College is a family and when students leave the college and step out into the world, they continue to be the members of this family. The Association ensures that this extended family always remains together in spirit.

Old students are requested to register themselves in the Alumni Association. They can either download the Registration form online or collect it from the College office. For further details, they can contact the Office Bearers of Alumni Association.

The College maintains contact with its alumni through an active Alumni Association. It is a matter of pride that many of our students have earned distinctions and achieved eminence in various fields and still continue to cherish their bonds with the institution.Various merit scholarships are given to students  instituted by the Alumnae Association Kuwait Chapter (ACCAA) and Daisy J Thottukadavil Endowment Scholarship instituted by SBAACAANA and Thottukadavil family.