MSc Dietetics and Food Service Management

Dietetics and Food Service Management post graduate programme includes core subjects such as Dietetics, Human Physiology, Public Health Nutrition, Nutrition in Special Conditions, Biochemical Changes in Diseases, Nutraceuticals and Drug Interactions, Diet Counseling, Research Methodology, Food Microbiology, Food Facilities Layout and Equipment, Food Service Management etc., with Project/Dissertation and Internship. The students undergo internship training as a part of their course curriculum in Hospitals and Star Hotels. Thus, the programme covers the core subject that has been designed to build and enhance skills of students to meet industry requirements and succeed in the professional environment. With its dynamic and interesting curriculum, this course aims at producing versatile candidates in the field of nutrition, dietetics and food service management.

Course Details
Year 1
Sem Subject Paper Paper Title
I Core 1 PHS1CT01 Nutrition and Diet in Health
Core 2 PHS1CT02 Applied Human Physiology
Core 3 PHS1CT03 Advanced Food Science
Core 4 PHS1CT04 Public Health Nutrition
Core 4 Practical PHS1CP01 Public Health Nutrition Practical and Field Work
II Core 5 PHS2CT05 Dietetics
Core 6 PHS2CT06 Biochemical Changes in Diseases
Core 7 PRM2CT07 Research Methods and Statistics
Core 8 PHS2CT08 Nutrition in Special Conditions
Practical and Internship PHS2CP02 Dietetics Practical and Internship
Year 2
Sem Subject Paper Paper Title
III Core 9 PHS3CT09 Food Service Management
Core 10 PHS3CT10 Quantity Food Preparation and Food Service Techniques
Core 11 PHS3CT11 Management of Front office and Accommodation
Core 12 PHS3CT12 Food Facilities Layout and Equipment
Practical and Internship PHS3CP03 Food Service Management Practical and Field Experience
IV Elective 1 PHS4ET01 Food Microbiology and Sanitation
Elective 2 PHS4ET02 Nutraceuticals and Drug Interactions
Elective 3 PHS4ET03 Nutrition Education and Diet Counselling
Elective 4 PHS4ET04 Entrepreneurship Development
Elective 3 Practical PHS4EP01 Nutrition Education and Diet Counselling Practical and Field Experience
Dissertation PHS4D01 Dissertation
Viva Voice PHS4V01 Viva Voice