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BSc Botany



40 Seats


A Pass in Plus Two/ Equivalent Examination with Biology as one of the Core/optional subjects.

Course opportunities:

After the graduation in Botany, the students can opt for Master’s degree programmein General Botany, Biotechnology, Microbiology, Biochemistry, Genetics, Plant science, Environmental science, Genetics and Plant breeding, Biodiversity conservation, Bioinformatics, Botany and Forestry, Applied Botany, Food and industrial Microbiology,Horticulture, Herbal science, Food technology and quality assurance, Marine biology, MBA in agribusiness management, Biotechnology managementetc.

UG programme in Botany comprises of:

  1. Common course-English
  2. Common course- Additional language
  3. Complementary courses – Chemistry & Zoology
  4. Core courses in Botany
  5. Open course in 5th semester
  6. Project in 6th semester
Course Details
Year 1
Sem Subject Paper Paper Title
I Core - Botany BO1CRT01 Classification of Organisms and Phycology
Complementary - Botany BO1CMT01 Cryptogams, Gymnosperms and Plant Pathology
II Core - Botany BO2CRT02 Microbiology, Mycology and Lichenology
Complementary - Botany BO2CMT02 Plant Physiology
Year 2
Sem Subject Paper Paper Title
III Core - Botany BO3CRT03 Bryology, Pteridology, Gymnosperms and Paleobotany
Complementary - Botany BO3CMT03 Angiosperm Morphology, Taxonomy and Economic Botany
IV Core - Botany BO4CRT04 Anatomy, Reproductive Botany and Microtechnique
Complementary - Botany BO4CMT04 Anatomy and Applied Botany
Year 3
Sem Subject Paper Paper Title
V Core - Botany BO5CRT05 Research Methodology, Biophysics and Biostatistics
Core - Botany BO5CRT06 Genetics and Evolution
Core - Botany BO5CRT07 Cell and Molecular Biology
Core - Botany BO5CRT08 Environmental Studies and Human Rights
Open Course BO5OPT01 Agribased Microenterprises
VI Core - Botany BO6CRT09 Plant Physiology and Biochemistry
Core - Botany BO6CRT10 Angiosperm Morphology, Taxonomy and Economic Botany
Core - Botany BO6CRT11 Biotechnology and Bioinformatics
Core - Botany BO6CRT12 Plant Breeding, Horticulture and Plant Pathology
Choice Based Core Course BO6CBT01 Agribusiness
Project BOU6CPP1 Project