BCom Finance & Taxation

B Com  Finance and Taxation is an undergraduate course aimed at imparting thorough practical and conceptual knowledge in a variety of subjects in Commerce. It is a three year programme consisting of six semesters.

Intake: 40

Eligibility: Pass in plus two with Book Keeping and Accountancy as core subject and optional subjects from the following subjects mentioned below under part III of the examination: Commerce, Mathematics Practice and Management, Informatics Practices, Commercial Correspondence and Commercial Geography, Banking with Secretarial Practice, Economics, Business Studies, Life Insurance with Salesmanship Management, Computer Science/ Computer Applications, Informatics, Accountancy OR Pass in plus two with 45% marks and had other subject under part III optional subjects.


The course comprises of:

  1. Common course – English
  2. Complementary courses – Managerial Economics, Advertising and Sales Promotion
  3. Elective courses- Financial Management, Goods and Services Tax (GST) , Income Tax
  4. Open courses - Foundation course in Accounting
  5. Core courses in Commerce
  6. Project in 6th semester

Higher studies:

M.Com, MBA, CA, ICWA, ACCA, CMA, CS, M.Com-Tax, HR, Marketing management...

Course Details
Year 1
Sem Subject Paper Paper Title
I Core CO1CRT01 Business Statistics
Core CO1CRT02 Modern Banking
Core CO1CRT03 Fundamentals of Business Regulations
Core CO1CRT04 Fundamentals of Commerce
Common course I English
Common course II Additional Language
II Core CO1CRT05 Quantitative Techniques for Business Research
Core CO1CRT06 Principles of Insurance
Core CO1CRT07 Fundamentals of Corporate Regulations
Core CO1CRT08 Fundamentals of Accounting
Common course I English
Common course II Additional Language
Year 2
Sem Subject Paper Paper Title
III Core CO3CRT09 Marketing Management
Core CO3CRT10 Financial Accounting
Core CO3CRT11 E-Commerce
Complementary CO3CMT01 Managerial Economics
Elective CO3FTET1 Financial Management
Common course I English
IV Core CO1CRT12 Corporate Accounting I
Core CO1CRT13 Financial Market
Core CO1CRT14 Financial Services
Complementary CO4CMT02 Advertising & Sales Promotion
Elective CO4FTET2 Goods and Services Tax
Common course I English
Year 3
Sem Subject Paper Paper Title
V Core CO5CRT15 Cost Accounting
Core CO5CRT16 Corporate Accounting I
Core CO5CRT17 Environmental Issues of Business & Human Rights
Open Course CO5OPT01 Foundation Course in Accounting
Elective CO5FTET3 Income Tax -Law and Practice
VI Core CO6CRT18 Entrepreneurship Development & Project Management
Core CO6CRT19 Applied Cost Accounting
Core CO6CRT20 Auditing
Core CO6CRT21 Management Accounting
Elective CO6FTET4 Income Tax - Assessment and Procedure
Project CO6CPR01 Project & Project Viva Voce